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Features: Game-changing procurement & business awards management software
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Purpose-built for best procurement practice

360 is highly configurable and flexible with everything procurement managers need when approaching the market, receiving responses, and writing reports that identify best value for money

  • Online tenderbox
  • Tender probity controls
  • Free subscription service
  • Weighted criteria with depth
  • Ranking options to suit each RFT
  • Pre-submission rules
  • Communications:
    • Enquiries (from businesses)
    • Addenda (to businesses)
    • Clarification requests
    • Direct message threads
    • Debriefing letters
  • Powerful report writer
  • Accountability:
    • Audit trails
    • Access logs
    • Trend analysis reports
  • Security:
    • Purpose-built for procurement
    • Multi-phase evaluation security controls
    • Conflict of interest management controls
  • Wide range of scoring options:
    • Individual & consensus scoring
    • Numbered scoring
    • Score labels & definitions
    • No click and single click scoring


Guided response forms

360 validates information to make it easy to respond.
Easy to bid → more bids → better value for money.

Amazingly configurable response pages

360 ensures complete, consistent, precise, and concise bids and opens a world of possibilities for incremental and systemic improvement.

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